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07/28/08 12:30 AM #1    

Dan Dickinson

Welcome to the Middleton High School Class Of 1989 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

08/03/08 10:53 PM #2    

Adam Brown

Hello Everyone
Hopefully you will find your way around the website and have a great time with it over the next year.
The reunion has been planned for the weekend of
June 19-21,2009.
Please be as interactive as possible with the site so we can all enjoy a few laughs with a look down memory lane.
Talk to you soon.


08/06/08 07:53 AM #3    

English Purcell (Struth)

Howdy folks! This is so exciting! I can't believe it's been almost 20 years. Thank you to the group that is getting this together. I love working on committees, so please let me know if I can help in any way. :)

08/06/08 12:04 PM #4    

Karen Duddleston (Leader)

I am with English, let me know how I can help. Thanks to you guys for getting this together.

08/26/08 10:35 PM #5    

Robert Brown

20 years,wow! What makes this hit home even more is that my son graduated this year from high school! Time flies!

09/04/08 09:57 AM #6    

Jennifer Brumgardt (Corr)

This website was a fabulous idea - it's great catching up with everyone!

09/12/08 08:08 AM #7    

Dustin Pait (Pait)

i saw Greg Roths child last night.

12/11/08 04:10 PM #8    

Shannon Bivens (Gregg)

Dustin Pait Pait....20 years later and you and Spencer are still making me laugh (funny thing is you probably have no idea who I am! That's okay...just enjoy knowing you bring laughter to others:-)

12/15/08 07:50 PM #9    

Danny Dennis

Hey everybody... I'm WAAAAAY out in the Desert Southwest, but I plan on coming out for the reunion this summer... It's been a LONG time since I've seen anybody.

12/30/08 10:20 PM #10    

Danny Dennis

BTW, Adam...

Do you have any plans for us that are a little less "athletic"? a 5k run isn't "fun" and if you give me a shovel, I'll golf with you. All I'd do anyway is dig up the grass!!!

01/15/09 04:45 PM #11    

Darren Crider

I would be very interested to see if anyone remembers me. I will try to get some old and new pictures up on this site. I really enjoy looking at how old all of us have become.

02/02/09 03:55 PM #12    

Dustin Pait (Pait)

i remember you shannon.

i have a memory like an eagle!

and i remember darren, too.

and little peggy and lou lou...

02/16/09 09:47 AM #13    

Dustin Pait (Pait)

this message board seems to lag a bit.

you guys on dial up or something?

03/03/09 01:03 AM #14    

Cindy Smalls

Hey everyone! I am excited and looking forward to seeing everyone in June!

Hey, are you guys open to suggestion for folks like myself who don't golf or run a 5K? Maybe more activities that foster togetherness would a good idea.

Can't wait to see everyone!!

03/04/09 11:55 PM #15    

Ty Jones

Thank you to the planning committee for your hard work. The itinerary looks great for the Reunion Weekend!

03/13/09 08:48 AM #16    

Joyce Green (Gilliard)

Hello Everyone!!

Can you believe that the time is here for our 20th Class Reuinion?? Where did the time go? My kids will always say things like, "Mom, you are have a 20th year reunion coming up?" Wow! They laugh because they never heard of Middleton High. It's like it is an "ancient" school. I wish the reunion much success!

03/17/09 02:27 PM #17    

Gregory C. Rothschild

There will be a hot dog eating contest in lieu of the 5k for those interested.

03/19/09 09:17 AM #18    

Will Duvall

I predict Adam Brown will run out of golf balls during the Golf tourney.....

03/19/09 09:18 AM #19    

Will Duvall

... and Greg will win the hotdog eating contest or will it be Cary Shealy?

03/22/09 10:11 PM #20    

Joyce Green (Gilliard)

I am requesting on this page that Michelle Grant sings at the reunion. She has a BEAUTIFUL voice and it would be a blessing for everyone to hear how GOD has used her in the ministry of music. I already sent her a message via FB!!

03/25/09 09:52 PM #21    

Lance Feldman

....are those hot dogs kosher Greg?

03/26/09 03:15 PM #22    

Gregory C. Rothschild

Those dogs better answer to a higher power or i can't compete.

03/30/09 10:47 AM #23    

Keith Jirel

I am curious if the reunion is just the Class of '89 or are there going to be multiple classes? Anyway, I can't wait to see everyone. I don't have many regrets in my life, but not finishing my senior year at Middleton always makes me wonder; What if.......... ? I would like to thank Adam and Dan and anyone else involved in planning and organizing of the reunion. It's sounds like a great weekend with lots to do. Take care, best wishes!!

Keith R. Jirel

04/10/09 12:19 AM #24    

Lisa Holmes (McDonald)

Hello Everyone!

20 years already!!! I can't believe it. I'm not sure if anyone remembers me but I see alot of familiar faces. I look forward to seeing you all again.

04/26/09 11:41 PM #25    

Danny Dennis

Airline tickets are purchasedand rental car is reserved!!! I can't wait to see everyone!!!

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