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05/06/09 12:17 AM #26    

Danny Dennis

I won't be arriving at the airport until 10pm on the Friday that everyone is going to the Riverdogs game. If there's anything going on that late, let me know. 10pm Eastern Daylight is only 7pm for me.

05/06/09 11:13 PM #27    

Sam Shapiro

Hi Everyone,

Looking forward to seeing everyone at the Reunion. I live down in sunny Orlando, FL now. I have a wife and two beutiful girls. I can not wait to catch up with everyone. Wow 20 years. Keep in touch

Sam Shapiro

05/07/09 10:56 PM #28    

Adam Brown

Glad to see the buzz getting started. For all of you looking to have a great time on Friday morning (if you are in town)we have a captain's choice golf tournament. I promise you do not have to be an avid golfer to play. Even Greg Rotschild and Will Duvall are playing. Doesn't that tell you anything.
Golf clubs can be supplied for you if you give me some advanced notice.

05/07/09 11:53 PM #29    

Gregory C. Rothschild

i seem to be the butt of most every joke on this board but this is no joke, our vendors are asking for hard numbers and so far, we have a lot of yes's (go class of 89) but we need to convert some of these. To those 40 peope who have already paid, thank you. If anyone is coming for sure, please go ahead and purchase the event tickets. You can either pay via pay pal or more economically, send a check to Eric Main. Address on site

It's going to be a good time with afterparites in some new spots dowtown that we're all sure to enjoy.

can't wait to see everyone

05/14/09 09:37 AM #30    

Spencer Baker (Spencer Baker)

Golf is against my religion, but having a good time is not. I will be driving the "Emergency Medical Assistance Cart" in a coconut bikini top with a grass skirt and sharing MUCH Aloha. The "shotgun" seat is being raffled off for charity with bids starting at ONE Iraqi Dinar. The catch is that all passengers have to wear neon tiger-stripe spandex suits and cowboy boots.

Buy your tickets NOW!

05/18/09 09:25 PM #31    

James Michael Derrick

Finally after a bunch of "Well, maybe, I don't know, we oughta, etc" Art Beane and I are in. I don't know if many of you remember me or not, but I was the little skinny kid playing Uno in Mrs. Dorkewitz's class with Arturo and the crew or cutting up in Mrs. Gallagher's physics class. It'll be fun to see a few old faces after all these years.

Michael Derrick

05/19/09 07:56 AM #32    

Keisha Johnson

What's up everybody?
I can't wait to see everyone. Ty and Joyce how are you guys doing? I can't believe I'm someone's grandma/mimi mimaw. Can't wait see everyone. I hope ya'll still remember me as well. Peace out peeps and see ya at the reunion.

05/27/09 07:27 AM #33    

Spencer Baker (Spencer Baker)


Cary Shealy, Steven Brown and I have discussed following the 5k with a bike ride out to Folly. Of course you can swim at the end if you want to complete 100% of the backwards-triathlon. It appears there will be enough vehicle support to pull it off and get everyone back to their cars down town. Beach cruisers, road bikes, or whatever you have in the garage are AOK. Should be about 10 miles to the Holiday Inn. We are committed to the idea in one variation or another so speak up with your recommendations and criticism. Most importantly, don't be shy!

spencer b

05/29/09 04:48 PM #34    

Tracy Price Thompson

I am so excited to see everyone. I am hoping to meet with old friends and make new ones.This will be my first river dogs game ever and I have been here my whole life.I am going stag couldn't afford tickets for my daughter to come.I am curious if everyone has gotten younger as I have over the I am bringing my camera.See you all there.Take care.

05/29/09 05:48 PM #35    

Jennifer Harrell (Woodham)

Hey there folks. I am a bit late joining the fun but glad I finally made it. I am hoping to be at the Riverdogs game with hubby and three short people in tow. We are also planning to participate in the 5K run and the Saturday night whatever that thing is - semi formal - cocktail party... can't remember the last time I went to a cocktail party or did anything or went somewhere that required me to wear something nice. I guess I will try to muster something up.

Does anyone know details about the run? I would like to know if it is an official race, or just a group run. If official, will the run be timed and if so will there be a registration? My husband and I would like to push the kids in the joggers but not if it is just a group run along the battery. That will be mass chaos with all the tourists and folks out for a stroll - or leftovers from the night before. Will the roads be closed for the run? Ok - enough questions for now. If anyone knows, please let me know. I want to participate either way, just not sure about pushing kids in strollers along the battery.

OK - can't wait to see you folks. I am sure you guys won't remember me and that might be a good thing. I have selected memory and if I don't remember it, it didn't happen.

06/05/09 05:54 PM #36    

Eric Main


The numbers look great. So far for the Riverdogs event, we have 90 paid & signed up with 40 kids to attend....Calgon take me away!!!!

The cocktail party semi formal is just as well subscribed with 130 paid classmates so far. It will be catered by Tom Smith Catering. The first hour & a half will be meet, greet, & eat! Adam, Andrew & Greg are working on a video slide show of old pics that will be shot up on the wall. The band, Not So Serious, will start around 8:30 until 11PM.

LaPaula is gathering volunteers to her if you can help out.

Adam is keeping track of Golf & 5K race registration and I've heard a lot have signed up for both. Contact him if you need more details.

More are still signing up even today so we expect the numbers to continue to grow. Hope to see you there.

06/05/09 10:30 PM #37    

Sharon Knowles (Manuel)

Hey Everyone,

This is Sharon Knowles (Manuel). I am not going to be able to make it to the reunion -- wish I could though...My Hubby is in the Navy and is on deployment at the moment and I can't seem to get the logistics worked out for me to be there with you guys. We now live in Virginia. Since the last reunion we have lived in Kingsland, GA and Latina, Italy and then back her to VA. Just know I will be there in spirit.

Sharon Knowles (Manuel)

06/08/09 08:24 AM #38    

English Purcell (Struth)

Look forward to seeing everyone Friday night at the Riverdogs game. :) This is gonna be fun!

06/15/09 03:51 PM #39    

Christine Daniel (Wrixon)

Ok... I really dont think that 20 years has passed by so quickly but.... it will be great to see everyone. Less than a week to go!!!!

06/15/09 10:45 PM #40    

Danny Dennis

WOOHOO!!! Just a few more days!!!

I can't wait to see everyone... It's been far too long for me.

06/16/09 01:25 PM #41    

Spencer Baker (Spencer Baker)


The Bishop England Class of 89 Reunion is this weekend too. I haven't gotten any intel on vents and locations yet, but be on the lookout for guys and gals in Green Plaid.

06/18/09 01:03 PM #42    

Spencer Baker (Spencer Baker)

Team MHS,

It is with great regret and great anticipation that I won't be able to attend the reunion. It's not every day that you have such a fine opportunity as to be among the graduates of MHS Class 1989, but it's not every day that you are awaiting the birth of a child (well, it's almost every day for me).

For all of you , I'd like to humbly ask that you share photos through whatever means you are able (preferably all in one location like flickr, shutterfly, etc). with those of us who had to back out.

It has been a pleasure to reconnect with you as this reunion has been well planned and executed, and I look forward to hearing even more good news of success and happiness among the graduates of 1989.



06/19/09 08:34 AM #43    

Freddy Otterbein

good times with the 1989 bunch, I sure hope the city is prepared!

06/19/09 12:43 PM #44    

Spencer Baker (Spencer Baker)


Just make sure that Brad wears a helmet and a seatbelt.

And Petey is not invited!

06/19/09 02:31 PM #45    

Freddy Otterbein

I'm getting Thristy!

06/21/09 08:00 PM #46    

Joyce Green (Gilliard)

I really enjoyed seeing old friends and making new ones at the reunion!! Everyone looks awesome!!! I had a great time...too bad the weekend is over..>>boo woo<<< tear>>!!
Take care!

06/24/09 01:47 AM #47    

Ty Jones

Likewise, it was nice to see everyone. Everyone ages well. Wishing everyone an abundance of laughs and cries in your life. Take care until the 25th Reunion!

07/01/09 10:48 AM #48    

Spencer Baker (Spencer Baker)

Sorry I missed you guys but I sure have enjoyed seeing all of the pictures on Facebook and on the DVD.

What a great team.

Congrats to all of you on your business sucesses, families, and health.



07/01/09 04:01 PM #49    

Robert Brown

I just wanted to say thanks for a great reunion! I know alot of work, time, and planning went in to it. I laso wanted to say this: I am VERY sorry for those I looked RIGHT AT, and didn't recognize! I don't want anyone to think I was being rude. Most of us have changed and to be honest, without the name tags, I wouldn't have recognized some! And I don't mean that in a negative way at all. There were a couple of times people didn't know who I was until they saw my high school photo!(yikes!)But anyways, I had a wondeful time! Look me up on facebook if we didn't get to talk. God Bless everyone!

07/23/09 01:48 AM #50    

Danny Dennis

I can't wait till the 25th Reunion, but can we do this one in the fall and maybe do a pig roast/oyster roast... You know, do it downhome style... I miss that out here in the desert.

It was truly awesome to see everyone. I'm not ashamed to say that I cried a little bit when the plane was taxiing down the runway to leave Charleston... I miss you all so much already.

See all ya'll soon!!!

Danny D. (Bullitt)

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